At-fault crash comparison — for GLP drivers who have taken/not taken approved driver training

At-fault crash difference between drivers who have taken/not taken an ICBC-approved driver education course
Year Difference
2012 13%
2013 13%
2014 10%
2015 9%
2016 9%

An at-fault crash is defined as being at least 50% responsible for the crash.

GLP drivers who completed an ICBC-approved driver education course, were between 9% and 13% less likely to be at fault in a crash while in B.C.s Graduated Licensing Program.


  1. Counts include incidents that occurred in parking lots or involved parked vehicles. Data also includes out of province crashes.
  2. GLP drivers who have taken an ICBC-approved course are defined as drivers issued Declaration of Completion forms for Class 7 and 8 before the crash date.
  3. ICBC implemented a new claims system. As a result, the way ICBC collects and reports crash data has changed. Data from 2013 or earlier may not be directly comparable to 2014 data and crime data has changed.

Source: ICBC's Corporate Data Warehouse and Enterprise Data Warehouse | January 31, 2018